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About Digitus

Our Vision is to Pioneering the World with Precision and Innovation. We intricately weave smart supply chains, crafting a sustainable future through intelligent information systems and eco-conscious leadership.

Digitus, an Australian innovation leader, expands globally with offices in Sri Lanka, Vietnam, and more across the Asia Pacific, including Canada and the UK. As a trusted SAP partner, we're shaping tech's future, serving clients worldwide. Our diverse groups work in synergy, poised for further expansion.

Our Founding Story

Hardware Technician

‘Digitus’, with origins in Latin meaning ‘digit’ or ‘indicator’, is a philosophy extended in the organization, signifying precision, and accuracy in all its endeavours. Through an established presence across 06 regions, namely, the Middle East, Asia Pacific, Europe, Africa, USA/Canada and South America, Digitus aims to further strengthen its position across these markets. Drawing from its global strength, Digitus has extended its reach through strategically based operations in Sri Lanka and Vietnam. Digitus currently serves clients across diverse geographies such as Canada and the United Kingdom, as well as in Asia Pacific, including Australia, Singapore, Vietnam, and Sri Lanka. Adding to its regional milestones, Digitus is making strides in Africa, with a presence in Malawi and Zambia.

Core Values

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Shared Vision

Digitus is driven by a shared vision that unites our team and stakeholders, ensuring that we work together to achieve our goals.

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We approach our work with the customer’s perspective at the core, resulting in exceeding customer expectations and building lasting relationships

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We are committed to minimizing environmental impact and maximizing positive contributions to the communities we serve.

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Integrity Creativity

Honesty, transparency, and ethical conduct are our fundamental principles which help us in upholding the highest ethical standards.

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Diversity and Inclusivity

We celebrate the uniqueness each individual brings to the table by fostering a welcoming and vibrant work environment.

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We welcome and value creativity in problem-solving, experimenting with new ideas, and out-of-the-box thinking about business problems.



To create value for all our stakeholders as a global leader in delivering unparalleled supply chain solutions, through innovation, and value-driven partnerships of global collaboration

Why Digitus matters to the world?

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Digitus holds a special significance in our society as it actively contributes to addressing critical challenges and advancing positive change. Our commitment to promoting diversity and inclusivity extends beyond the workplace, fostering a welcoming and vibrant environment that aligns with broader societal values. We uphold the highest standards of integrity, setting a positive example for ethical conduct not only within our organization but also in the wider community. Our dedication to sustainability and corporate social responsibility resonates with a world striving for environmental conservation and responsible practices. Digitus stands as a beacon of progress, showcasing how innovative technology companies can positively influence and contribute to the betterment of society as a whole.

Meet the Team

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Innovating Now for Tomorrow's Success"

Chamitha Ranneththi



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