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Farming for future generations with


Empowering Professional Crop Farmers: Tailored for small-to-mid sized production, CYOL revolutionizes how farmers manage their crops with precision and efficiency.

Enterprise Farms Digitization: For agri-business companies with large and complex operations, CYOL seamlessly digitizes every aspect of farm management, from planning to execution.

Perfect Farms

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Our Cooperatives

Transparent Contracting in Collaborative Farms: CYOL fosters transparent collaboration among farms in a cooperative setup, ensuring seamless management of contracts and agreements.

Beyond Record Keeping: CYOL goes beyond basic record keeping, offering intelligent analytics and decision support tools that enhance decision-making processes.

Intelligent Agriculture Business Framework: Our framework supports all stakeholders in the food value chain, leveraging farm data to manage risks effectively and maximize profitability.

CYOL is not just about managing farms: it's about transforming data into valuable insights, empowering farmers and businesses to thrive in the dynamic agriculture industry.

Green Valley

Experience an End-to-End Solution for Complete
Farm Management and Traceability:

✓ Seamless Integration: CYOL seamlessly integrates all aspects of farm management, from planting to harvest, ensuring a smooth and efficient workflow.

✓ Enhanced Traceability: Gain full visibility into your supply chain with CYOL's advanced traceability features, empowering you to track every step from farm to table.

✓ Optimized Operations: Maximize productivity and profitability with CYOL's intelligent tools for resource allocation, inventory management, and decision support.

✓ Sustainable Practices: Embrace sustainability with CYOL's support for eco-friendly farming practices, helping you meet market demands and ESG goals.

✓ Data-Driven Insights: Leverage powerful analytics and reporting capabilities to extract valuable insights from your farm data, enabling informed decision-making and strategic planning.


Our Technologies

Improve Planning and Increase Crop Yields
✓ Operational planning along the crop lifecycle
✓ Ensure complete crop production traceability

One Platform for All Agricultural Data and Process Management
✓ Data driven farm field and crop management

✓ Easily accessible anytime and anywhere

A Real-Time View of Data
✓ Share a vision with real-time and synchronized data

✓ Assess performance with reports and dashboard

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